Suppliers database

Together witheB2B Purchasing Platform license we provide you with an access to a rich database of suppliers categorized in over 200 industries. Additionally, each eB2B customer can individually assign suppliers to predefined product groups that customer manages independently. During suppliers registration, the supplier is assigned to the industry and assortment group at the same time.

In addition to the industries, the eB2B Purchasing Platform allows you to freely categorize suppliers, evaluate implemented framework agreements according to any defined evaluation criteria, conduct vendor qualification processes combined with the evaluation of sent documents. The advantage of categorizing suppliers is the possibility of inviting the specified group / category of suppliers or notification of the procedure with one click, regardless of the publication of the notice of initiation of the procedure.

Notifications about open contract awarding procedures are also distributed by the largest service in the country, Grupa Biznes Polska, which publishes notices, with eB2B license agreement. Under the agreement, all notices about PPL procedures can also be found on the GBP website, which significantly increases the number of potential contractors.