eB2B Platform

The latest edition of the eB2B Procurement platform enables managers of procurement and administration departments to better manage, monitor and control procurement processes – from the moment of placing a purchase requisition, to the payment of the invoice.

The management of procurement processes is understood as an end-to-end formula enabling eB2B customers to maintain appropriate relationships with suppliers, support and supervise procurement processes in accordance with their internal procedures and policies. The reports module provides full reporting at every stage of each process. The structure of the application allows for matching the purchase requisition with the purchase order and the contract awarding procedure organized in order to select the supplier as well as with the concluded agreement. The eB2B Procurement application may be interfaced with any ERP system, e.g. SAP, and logging in to the system is possible through Active Directory and SSO. Due to database structure applied, eB2B Procurement platform is one of the most flexible tool supporting procurement processes in the country. The implementation usually does not require any modifications, it is only a matter of the system parameterization.

The system allows for the organization of complex purchase projects even in the most complex structure of a holding company. It is used for handling purchase processes, from creation of a purchase requisition, through its acceptance, vendor selection by the procurement department. It generates ranking at every stage of the contract awarding procedure, registration of an agreement signed with a supplier, purchase receipt confirmation and liabilities settlement, as well as monitoring of the stage of completion of the ordered supplies and services. With the eB2B procurement system, you can fully manage procurement processes and related documents such as agreements with suppliers, framework agreements and catalogue price lists. The system allows for automatic cost allocation for any cost centre and projects across the organizational structure. These elements are available in a modular solution providing comfort of use and guaranteeing fast implementation at low costs.

Purchase requisitions module

Manages the process of submitting purchase requests / e-tender requests to be carried out in reference to the approved purchase requests.

  • All purchase requisition fields are customer specific defined by eB2B during the implementation stage;
  • System’s flexibility enables to create any type of purchase requisition multi-stage approval;
  • Selection of ordering items from xls file, approved purchase plan, capex or budget or from any previous system generated purchase requisition;
  • Possibility to indicate preferred, certified, vendor;
  • Consolidation of purchase requisitions;
  • Purchase requisition and approval preview at any stage;
  • Possibility to add internal/external comments, force receipt confirmation, delivery confirmation by set time;
  • Cost apportionment according to customer defined allocation keys;
  • Monitors of expenditures compared to the budget of the department / cost center / signed vendor agreement or project;
  • Possibility to arrange awarding procedure directly from the approved purchase re-quisition;
  • Advanced reporting;

Recurring purchase orders module

Enables managing of recurring purchases and services ordered as of previously signed framework agreements.

  • Employee item access control, budget control, immediate proper cost center allocation and cost apportionment for each user, department, branch and legal entity;
  • Provides a simplified, fast-track approval and issue of purchase orders to selected vendors at agreed price;
  • Correlation of ordered products with suppliers and negotiated prices lists;
  • Guarantees cost optimization by comparing products and prices of different suppliers;
  • Convenient import of suppliers’ price lists of signed framework agreements;
  • Advanced reporting;

Awarding procedure module

The module may download the data directly from the Purchase Requisition Module but can also be used as an independent tool together with Vendors module. It is used to handle the entire vendor selection process starting from the RFI up to the electronic auction and even face to face negotiations results.

  • Selection of any combination of possible stages of awarding process: RFI, Initial offers submission, Bidding/electronic auction, Negotiations off-line;
  • Possibility to approve contract awarding process settings, bidders’ qualification to next stage, responses to inquiries and winner selection by selected supervisor;
  • The possibility of organizing awarding procedures for all or selected items;
  • Ability to send questions to experts with the technical knowledge;
  • Multi-currency system – reference rates set manually or automatically downloaded from the national bank;
  • Possibility to define bidder’s view options and bidder’s access to various data during the bidding stage;
  • Drafts and templates procedures;
  • Export of data to other modules, automatic purchase orders after the awarding procedures;
  • Compliance with the requirements of the Public Procurement Law;
  • European library of electronic signatures Wide range of reports.

Agreement database module

It is a repository of all contracts concluded in the course of trade negotiations. Central Contract Base has the capability to record and store electronically all contracts and their annexes, providing quick access to contracts to authorized employees.

  • Data security, restricted access, customer storage servers;
  • Any categorization of agreements by type, departments, hierarchy, etc.;
  • Configurable access for authorized employees including contract access mode (view / edit);
  • Comfortable view of an agreement summary defined by the customer;
  • Monitoring of a framework agreement related expenses;
  • Automatic contractual penalties/discount received computation;
  • Renew agreement reminder;
  • Reporting

Purchase settlement module

Facilitates the process of recording invoices, C- notes, prepayments, and other accounting documents related to the purchase orders.

  • Ensures convenient online invoice approval providing a preview of the corresponding purchase request and purchase order;
  • Access to scans of invoices according to access to an assortment group, cost center, project or purchase plan;
  • Comfortable presentation of scanned documentseven of a multi-page ones registered in the Work flow module with the possibility of scaling the image;
  • It enables the recording and preview of assignment of each invoice corresponding to the completed order;
  • Any analytics of the cost accounts used by the eB2B Client;

Planning module

It enables the registration of a purchasing plan for a selected assortment in correlation with the allocated budget.

  • Ability to register a plan related to any organizational unit;
  • Possibility to import existing purchase plans;
  • Option to create a purchasing plan based on defined purchasing categories;
  • Plan approval according to the hierarchy, category tree, cost center etc.
  • Continuous access to the purchase plan for both the task creator and users with appropriate permissions, monitoring of plan changes;
  • Possibility to generate a purchase order or contract awarding process directly from the level of the planning module;
  • Archiving and versioning of plans;
  • Link to the Agreement Database, access to contracts contained in reference to items in the plan;
  • Possibility of tracking the progress of awarding procedures in relation to the plan;
  • Ongoing monitoring of the plan implementation progress;

Suppliers module

It is used for registration, categorization and evaluation of Suppliers. The module cooperates all platform modules. It can also be used as an independent module to build a relations with suppliers.

  • Provides quick access to the supplier data, submitted documents, minimum order quantities, deadlines, etc;
  • Categorizing or grouping by industry branches and assortment groups;
  • Comfortable sorting and filtering of any suppliers;
  • Possibility to define requirements for suppliers, system monitoring of their implementation;
  • Escalation of unsatisfactory results to supplier decision makers;
  • Monitoring assessments of the quality of deliveries and services provided by suppliers;
  • Possibility of interface to the Customer’s ERP system;
  • Management dashboard – key performance indicators (KPI’s) defined by the eB2B Customer;

We invite you to learn with eB2B Purchasing Platform. We put at your disposal a competent team, our experience and substantive knowledge. We guarantee quick implementation. The eB2B Procurement Platform is our common success.