For large customers

We offer to large clients the login to the system using SSO, integration of the eB2B Purchasing Platform with ERP systems in order to eliminate duplication of work. We use webservices in REST and SOAP technology, using VPN.

The most frequently used interfaces support the following processes:

  • Import of a purchase requisitionsdetails to the Contract Awarding Procedure Process module – items from purchase requisition, attachments, evaluation criteria
  • Export of the results of the procedure,
  • Budget control
  • Orders delivery in correspondence with purchase requisitions.
  • Synchronization of suppliers data.
  • Import of inventory products
  • Assessment of contractors / contract performance / delivery

The eB2B Procurement Platform can by implemented both in the cloud and on-premise.

Main modules of the eB2B procurement platform

  • Recurring purchase ordersmodule – it is used to handle ordering based on concluded agreements with suppliers. It supports a simplified approval process of purchase orders using previously negotiated list of products.
  • Purchase requisitions module – it is used for submitting purchased requests, their approval, and managing POs after supplier selection using RFX inquiries or electronic e-auctions
  • Contact Awarding Procedure module – it is used to carry out inquiries, electronic auctions, as well as to handle the entire process of suppliers selection from RFI to off-line negotiations.
  • Contractors module – it is used to register the supplier in our database. It has a flexible, customer definable supplier authorization process.
  • Agreements Database – is a repository of contracts concluded in the course of trade negotiations.
  • Workflow module – enables settlement of completed deliveries, related invoice approval on the basis of scans of the purchase invoice.
  • Planning module – enables registration of a purchasing plan for a selected or shared assortment in correlation with the budget.
  • Committee module– enables registration of committee decisions and committee deliberations.

An exemplary scheme of the purchasing processmanagement