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Welcome to the website of eB2B sp. z o. o., which specializes in the optimization of management of procurement processes. We have successfully implemented eB2B Procurement platform in some of the largest companies in the country. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use application to support purchasing team in their daily work, allowing simplification and reorganization of many internal processes.  It simplifies the communication with the purchasing department, accelerates selection of suppliers, as well as ensures the expected circulation of documents and reporting.

The expertise knowledge of our consultants and years of practice in various sectors of the economy, coupled with the eB2B Procurement application, provides our clients with a tool that lowers costs and strengthens long-term relationships with suppliers.

Our mission of promoting the best practices is accomplished by providing modular IT solution that facilitates comprehensive management of every aspect of the P2P procurement process – from the approval of purchase requisition to the payment of related invoice.
The solutions offered by eB2B brings together our experience and the experience of many managers and vendors with whom we cooperate. The flexibility of eB2B Procurement application enables virtually any configuration of the system, providing our customers the possibility to map their internal procedures and easily manage required modifications. It is our competitive advantage on the market.

We offer you the eB2B Procurement platform ensuring transparency in the selection of suppliers, serving both internal and the formal public contract awarding procedures. For SME we also provide outsourcing of procurement services and group purchases.

Our team of experts and helpdesk is distinguished by the quality of cooperation with the customer, speed and substantive support to each stakeholder. The dedicated procurement solutions is our passion and your guarantee of our mutual success supported by to date successful implementations of the eB2B Procurement platform.

Review current open contract awarding procedures and join several hundred buyers and sellers who take an advantage of the eB2B Procurement in accomplishing their professional goals each and every day.

I encourage you to cooperate with eB2B.

Grzegorz Janeczko, ACCA, eB2B CEO

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