eB2B Certificates

For our clients, we invest in security and reliability of the eB2B Procurement Platform. Our competitive advantage is the OWASP certificate. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an international non-profit organization supporting high security standards, promoting secure software. The website www.owasp.org contains tests and tools for assessing the application’s vulnerability to attacks. While developing the eB2B Platform, we make every effort to provide all our current and future customers with a safe tool supporting the management of the purchasing process, in particular the organization of awarding procedures in accordance with the PPL Act. That is why the largest ordering institutions in Poland use our Platform to conduct statutory procedures with an estimated value of hundreds of millions, and sometimes exceeding one billion zlotys.

It is important that we do not limit ourselves to a vulnerability review, as some competitors also declare, but entrust the audit to an independent audit company. As the only company on the market, we offer a tender platform with the OWASP L2 certificate. As part of the security audit, we also periodically audit the AWS infrastructure and the security of the application itself, not limited to the top10 OWASP standards