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Procurement Law Synergy

The eB2B Procurement Platform complies with the requirements of the Polish Public Procurement Law as of 19 October 2014. The eB2B Procurement system provides:

  • All required notices for conducted awarding procedures
  • Selection of preferred type of awarding public contracts
  • Selection of the most advantageous offers in terms of chosen criteria
  • Full documentation of all processes

eB2B customers have the option to use the simplified procedure for the award of contracts in accordance with the amendment of the PPL (Public Procurement Law).  The eB2B Procurement Platform enables the assessment and qualification of vendors in a transparent, objective and non-discriminatory way, investigating the potential of third parties and, in extreme cases, exclusion due to negligence pertaining to the performance of contractual obligations.

The eB2B system takes into account the requirements of the Public Procurement Law amendment as it applies to at least one of the bids evaluation criteria, other than the price criteria.

We extend the evaluation criteria to include discretionary criteria, determined by the ordering party. This allows defining various additional qualities of the bidder such as functionality, quality, social, and environmental aspects. Evaluation of suppliers can be performed individually, or by a committee based on the eB2B customer-defined flexible supplier evaluation form.

Our system utilizes secure electronic signature which is submitted using a special process card or reader issued by leading companies the specialize in electronic signature software. We provide support to bidders, and at individual request, training for participants in public contract awarding procedures both in Polish and English.

Electronic auction in the eB2B Procurement system

In comparison with the traditional paper formula, the eB2B Procurement platform allows users to eliminate unnecessary duplication of work – especially in the organization of electronic auctions. In compliance with the provisions of the PPL, electronic auctions do not constitute a separate mode for awarding contracts, but are rather interpreted as a run-off that allows the ordering party to reassess bids submitted in a particular awarding procedure. Hence, in organizing an electronic auction in the eB2B platform, we can copy several existing system settings, descriptions of e-tender or notice subjects, thereby saving procedure sponsors time.

The technological advancements and computerization of procedures for the award of public contracts is consistent with legislative work promoting electronic solutions, as well as the use of information technology in the awarding of public contracts among EU Member States. In addition to the e-notices in the Public Procurement Bulletin, the eB2B Procurement platform provides the possibility to send notices directly to the Publications Office of the European Union using standardised XML files.

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