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Group purchases

Group purchases

eB2B is the leader in the creation of B2B segment Purchasing Groups in the country. By combining various companies, we provide our customers with an optimal level of purchasing costs, experience, sharing of best business practices, industry standards, proven suppliers, internal control procedures, and principles of corporate governance. We support managers of procurement departments in accomplishing their individual objectives as members of the eB2B Purchasing Group. And finally, we help to achieve material economic benefits for their companies through the use of our application and consultants’ knowledge, and by exploiting economies of scale.

Participation in a Purchasing Group organized by eB2B guarantees its members a modern and efficient supply chain through:

  • Participation in periodic meetings open to Group members, which are scheduled once a month. At the first meeting, rules for participation are established, a Group leader is chosen, and the eB2B facilitator is introduced. Group meetings are held on a rotational basis member company’s location, minutes are taken, and participants receive summaries, conclusions and action items via e-mail
  • Participation in quarterly conferences, which will be attended by industry representatives of interest to the Group, as well as academics, manufacturers, and distributors or importers who are able to offer an objective and independent viewpoint to Group members.
  • Integration meetings, which provide members the opportunity to contact each other directly, learn market trends
  • Ability to share information and exchange views/ideas on best practices, procedures, and policies related to the procurement processes
  • eB2B will organize group contract awarding procedures for products/services mutual to the members of the Group. For members of the Group as part of a membership fee we provide a group procedure once a month with a full support of the group’s facilitator.

If you are interested in becoming a member of a Purchasing Group, allowing you to take advantage of effective proprietary tools which guarantee transparency in the Procurement process, high quality products, and competitive prices, contact us at biuro@eb2b.com.pl

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