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Vendor evaluation

The formal qualification process involves an evaluation during which the supplier either “meets” or “does not meet” certain criteria. The requirements established for suppliers are individually prepared by the sponsor of each awarding procedure.

For advanced users of our system, we provide a multi-stage evaluation of the suppliers’ documents and submitted offers, broken down into three sections. The sponsor grants access to each section independently. In addition to the formal qualification of suppliers, the technical section allows for evaluation of their capabilities, references, production capacity, or certificates obtained. Subsequently, the offer itself is evaluated by employees having access to the commercial section.

The eB2B application also enables the evaluation of completed deliveries and contracts according to the customer’s defined criteria and internal procedures.  All evaluations, including historical ones, are available in the supplier’s file. The system allows periodic evaluations to be generated, which affect the supplier’s category on an annual basis.

A systematic evaluation process based on consistent and objective criteria, as well as proper communication is beneficial to both parties. It ensures the following:

  • An increase in supplier competitiveness on the market
  • Improved quality through constant monitoring of KPI’s
  • Improved relations with suppliers
  • Higher productivity and operational efficiency
  • Optimization and simplification of the quality control process
  • Improved quality of products and services offered
  • Cost reduction
  • Promotion of supplier-expected activities, such as pro-ecological actions
  • Increased supplier satisfaction
  • Making employees more aware of the objectives and strategies of the organization
  • Building of long-term relationships and integration with suppliers
  • Improving mutual communication

We can implement any form of supplier evaluation and would be happy to hear your perspective and experience. Please contact us at: biuro@eb2b.com.pl

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