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ERP Interfaces

eB2B has practical experience in the design of interfaces with data warehouses or most common ERP systems, such as SAP, providing the agreed-upon formula for data exchange.

Interfaces are designed utilizing an agreed-upon technology (for example using application and integration middleware such as WebService).  The eB2B application has an API interface that allows the integration of applications with the customer’s system. We also perform integration with SAP using SAP RFC technology, connecting directly with SAP via a VPN and then performing available functions.

eB2B customers who have chosen to integrate their systems with the eB2B Procurement system can automatically handle the exchange of key data on procurement processes, such as:

  • Synchronization of users
  • Synchronization of statistical data of contractors
  • Evaluation of contractors / performance of agreements
  • Import field dictionaries
  • Import purchase requisitions approved in the ERP system
  • Export of awarding procedure results
  • ERP based budget controls
  • Placing purchase orders as a result of an awarding procedure
  • Online OCR invoice approval and processing

We deliver the eB2B system, supporting the management of procurement processes, along with full technical documentation and description of the database structure. The eB2B procurement application has the ability to synchronize users based on an Active Directory with SSO login mechanism.

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