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Procurement circle audit

To ensure the highest level of transparency and correct implementation of proper procedures and rules, the audit or procurement processes is carried out by an independent party.

Based on years of experience acquired from the world’s largest corporations and ACCA standards, the eB2B team applies professional procedures to assess the operational efficiency of procurement processes. The scope of the audit is determined with each customer individually, and typically covers aspects relating to the following:

  • Instructions given to employees outlining the performance of their duties
  • Effectiveness of approval procedures and granting of permits
  • Handling of request for proposals and selection of suppliers
  • Workflow of documents and registration
  • Assessment of employee independence at each stage of the process
  • Price levels in a given assortment group

eB2B consultants shall:

  • Verify the operation and functionality of procurement systems,
  • Provide their opinion on the need for centralization of selected purchases,
  • Review the Customer’s internal procurement policies and processes
  • Assess supplier quality and the level of relationship with strategic suppliers (SRM)
  • Recommend a formal certification process for strategic suppliers

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